Ferrous Sulphate

Ferros Sulphate It is available in the form of heptahydrate FeSO4 .7H2O (green vitriol, Copperas); It is a blue-green monoclinic crystalline water soluble salt used in water purification, as reducing agent and to fortify various foods with iron. It is mostly used for feed supplement and micronutrient manufacturing and pigment industries. Ferrous Sulphate is supplied in 50 Kgs HDPE bags with thick inner liners.


1 Purity as FeSO4 .7H2O 99.04%
2 Fe Content 19.99%
3 PH of 5% solution at 25oC 3.5
4 Density 1.898 g/cm3
5 Free Acid as H2SO4 1.0%
6 Sulphur as S 10.5%
7 Matter insoluble in water 0.5%